You are what you eat. Despite the plethora of nutrition advice available on the internet and in magazines, eating healthy can be difficult. At Sole Health Medical Center, the staff of experienced doctors wants to help you wade through nutritional information to create a healthy diet that’s right for your health and weight goals.

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Nutrition Management Q & A

Why is optimal nutritional intake so important?

A diet packed with good-for-you foods boosts your overall health. Vibrant foods contain antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals feed your cells. Your body needs these substances to function at its very best. Plus, what you eat directly affects your weight.

Proper nutrition supports a healthy body and mind. The fuel you put in your body matters.

What nutritional support is available?

Eating a balanced diet isn’t as easy as it sounds. At Sole Health Medical Center, the specially trained team wants to help. They perform a full evaluation of your nutritional state. They utilize a very specific evaluation of your personal metrics, including your:

Body composition and percent of body fat
Body mass index

The doctors and nutrition therapy specialists also take into account any chronic conditions you have and your personal schedule and preferences. Once this evaluation is complete, they offer a personalized nutritional plan based on their findings.

The team at Sole Health Medical Center recognizes that each person has individual, biologically-based nutritional needs. Their recommendations guide you to a whole-food, nutrient-dense diet.

What types of health concerns can be addressed with a personalized nutrition plan?

Eating a balanced diet is a surefire way to boost your body function, immunity, and energy. But, you may not always enjoy the foods that are considered “healthy” or know how to choose the right ones to achieve your health goals. At Sole Health Medical Center, the doctors create a plan that can help you:

  • Lose weight if you’re overweight or obese
  • Gain weight if you’re underweight
  • Improve your metabolic engine to more effectively burn calories and fat

The doctors and nutrition therapists help you achieve your health goals with nutrition, rather than by relying only on medications. They help you find a balance with optimal hydration, blood sugar balance, fatty acid balance, mineral balance, and digestion.

When these foundations of nutrition are calibrated, your body can function more efficiently enhancing your overall health. You experience increased energy, weight loss, enhanced wellness, and a reduction in cravings when your diet is on par.

If you’re ready to revise your diet to support your best health and wellness, call Sole Health Medical Center or book an appointment using the online tool.