If you’re overweight or obese, losing weight can help you achieve more optimal health and feelings of wellness. The process of getting to a healthy size is challenging and may be nearly impossible to do without the help of experts such as those at Sole Health Medical Center in Hollywood, Florida.

The experienced physicians offer personalized diet programs, exercise prescriptions, and medications to help you lose weight and keep it off. Call today or book an appointment online to learn how you can benefit.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why is it important to lose weight?

If you’re overweight or obese, certain chronic conditions are more likely to develop. These include serious cases of:

Heart disease
Sleep apnea

Being overweight or obese can also affect your mental health, putting you at a higher risk of depression or anxiety as well as low self-esteem. Losing weight can reduce the risk of these diseases and reduce symptoms if you have already developed them.

How is weight loss managed medically?

At Sole Health Medical Center, the doctors work hard to help support your weight-loss efforts. They’ll first run diagnostic tests and conduct a full health evaluation to determine if you have an underlying condition, such as hypothyroidism, impairing your ability to lose weight. They’ll offer treatment to get those under control.

The doctors also provide nutrition management and personalized diet programs. With education on nutrition and food, you get an understanding of how to craft an eating plan that supports a healthy size.

You’ll receive exercise prescriptions appropriate for your current level of fitness and medical history.

What medications are available to assist with weight loss?

The team at Sole Health Medical Center provides medications that help your body effectively burn fat and suppress your appetite. The medications can also boost energy, which helps motivate you to exercise and stay focused on your diet plan.

What makes medical weight-loss effective?

At Sole Health Medical Center, the doctors don’t just tell you to lose weight – they give you the tools to do so. You get plenty of education and one-on-one time while you’re on your weight-loss journey.

The doctors can also provide support for any existing conditions you might have that may be caused by your overweight status. These include diabetes and heart disease.

A doctor’s oversight can help increase accountability to your program and make you more successful in reaching your size goals. If you fail to make progress or your progress stalls, the doctors tweak your plan so it’s most effective for you.

If you’re ready to start losing weight and head toward a healthier physique, call Sole Health Medical Center or schedule an appointment using the online tool.