Firming Skin / Fair Skin / Deep Repair / Lighten Melanin / Shrink Pores / Improve Acne / Rejuvenation Lighten Wrinkles / This therapy is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive Skin-care treatment that has multiple benefits-particularly stimulating collagen and treating mild to moderate acne. Beneficial for seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

This treatment offers a totally natural, non-ablative method for skin rejuvenation. The light from the LED interacts with cells and stimulates them to produce new collagen and elastin via light therapy. That the same LED energy can be used to inhibit collagen formation, by manipulation of the wavelengths, and cells can be reused on and off. These therapy treatments are a good choice for people who want to boost collagen or treat mild to moderate acne, it stimulates cellular activity, and the results won’t be as dramatic as plastic surgery, IPL, or laser, but it’s a gentler, more natural, less expensive way to go.

(This treatment also includes steamer & extractions with anti-aging facial massage)

Time: 25 min.