Physical exams are an important part of your health care, even if you feel just fine. At Sole Health Medical Center in Hollywood, Florida, you can receive a comprehensive physical exam that makes sure everything in your body is running just as it should.

With regular exams, the doctors can catch issues before they become serious, or prevent them from arising in the first place. Call today if you’re due for an exam or book one using the online scheduler.

Physical Exams Q & A

Why do I need a regular physical exam?

Regular checkups help you avoid many common health problems. Some chronic conditions, for example, don’t cause symptoms until they’ve reached a very serious state – these include Type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Plus, regular checkups mean you create a rapport with a doctor so they understand your health patterns and are better able to spot changes in your physical and medical wellness. The doctors at Sole Health Medical Center also help you stay on top of important screenings, such as mammograms and colonoscopies. They also have you undergo regular blood work to keep you safe from disease.

The doctors can identify certain factors, such as obesity or a nutrition-deficient diet, that put you at a greater risk of developing disease. They also offer recommendations on how to reverse these risk factors so you enjoy optimal health.

What is included in an annual physical exam?
When you visit Sole Health Medical Center, the team reviews your medical history. At this point, you’re welcome to ask questions and mention any concerns you may have about your health.

You’ll answer questions about lifestyle choices, such as alcohol consumption, exercise habits, and smoking. The team measures your vitals, including:

Blood pressure
Heart rate
Respiration rate

Your doctor also examines all your major systems. They look at your ears, nose, throat, heart, thyroid, muscle tone and reflexes, and lungs. They review your immunizations and bring you up-to-date to prevent unnecessary illness.

Depending on what the team finds during your exam, they may recommend additional tests. For example, if your heartbeat is irregular they may take an electrocardiogram (EKG).

What screening tests are part of a physical exam?

Standard blood work, cholesterol tests, and blood sugar (glucose) evaluation help the doctors understand the state of your internal health. After age 40, mammograms are recommended for women, and after age 50, colonoscopies are a valuable way to evaluate colon health for both sexes. Some people may benefit from having these screenings sooner if they have a personal or family history of the disease.

If you’re ready to schedule your essential physical exam, call Sole Health Medical Center or schedule an appointment online.